A New Age Retirement Model

  Debt Free - Time Rich -Healthy Wellbeing


Being children of the 40s, 50s, & 60s we've had the time to explore the world and create our own work/lifestyle. Its now time to create our own model  'retirement village'.  An eco village where any age is welcome. This website will give you a feel for what to expect and how to become an owner.

Village Purpose

Live Debt Free

To be free of debt is one of the best ways to enjoy real health and longevity.  Downsizing your realestate investment to have more available cash to do what you want, and may need, in the years ahead is a primary driver for us baby boomers.

Living debt free, immediately reduces stress and is a major goal of ours. Our village model of green forestry, regenerative agriculture, like minded friends and our unique log framed EONs makes this reality. 

Nurture Health & Longevity

 Quality of life and a long healthy life requires us making choices in what we eat, where we live and what we do. Friendship with like minded, active, health conscious people has multiple benefits. Doing good, having a positive social purpose nurtures feelings of happiness and self worth. Hundreds of books, studies and research support this as a pathway to health and happiness. 

Our villages, management and structures are designed to actively promote your


Gift Time & Energy

The knowledge and solutions are there to be found to the problems we helped create.

We've seen it before, done it and  have the T-shirt to prove it. Now its our time to gift that experience and knowledge. 


Given good health, wealth and free time, our challenge is how best to help 

friends, family and society in general.


A radiant life village is a place for 'solutionaries' living co operatively within a community environment. 

About the Village

Retirement Village? Eco village? Health retreat? Organic Farm?Sustainable Forestry?

The label is not important. The Radiant Life Village is an aspirational initiative and a model centre of knowledge and worldly experience.  Any age is welcome.

Radiant Life Villages are designed and built by active young minded retirees who want to make a positive difference to the society they helped create. We are the baby boomer generation that wants to take responsibility for the mess and take responsibility for the solution. 

 Like any neighbourhood, its a mix of personalities but these personalities have consciously chosen to live & work ecologically to create a better future. 

Living Privately in Community

Radiant Life Villages enshrine privacy as a fundemental goal. Each EON Villa has ample private space around and between them. Gardening is encouraged for both flowers and veges. Orchard space is set aside for heritage fruit trees. 

Bookable guest Villas, cultivation equipment, storage, transport and property management ensure easy relaxed living.

Baby boomers love to travel and more and more of us own boats and mobile living units. Each EON has ample space provided for these assets. 

Creating Our Reality

We are actively involved in planting, managing and harvesting selected trees. Trees sequest carbon. 

We have designed, manufacture and facilitate the construction of green sustainable buildings for our own villages and for export to other countries. Co2 becomes carbon/timber, permanently sequested in our log frames & agricultural initiatives.

Our buildings collect radiant energy for power and our villages are 'off grid' communities. We are living the change we want to see.


Where feasible we select beautiful properties that inspire us. Do you know a property that suits our purpose?

Another primary goal is to regenerate land. Marginal land and ex-forestry land is cheaper and provides a platform to practice regenerative biological plantings. We plant various species of trees for the long term sustainable future. 

Our properties are reasonably close to all essential services. We enable  healthy active lifestyles in natural settings, close to the sea+

(+60m), lakes and rivers. 

Owners have their own space to grow their own produce, or not, as they please.

Its a safe 'lock & leave' lifestyle if travel is an aspiration. 

EON Villas

All buildings in the community are made of the same eco materials and the same design. 

This gives us multiple opportunities to gain positives in energy capture, economics, scalability and overall Green eco sustainable resource management for ourselves and the planet.

Beautiful whole logs from sustainable NZ forestry, create a super strong frame and close connection with nature.

They will not suit everyone but neither will this village model. The only question is, does the Radiant Life Village resonate with you?


Can I view an EON?

 A 1 bdm+Study model villa  is available to view in Auckland and the another 2 bdm EON model is in developement.  


$350,000 to $550,000+

depending on location and configuration. (land costs in some locations are higher than others)

Can I reserve a villa for later?

Yes a Refundable Deposit of $5000 will reserve you an Option to buy when a villa becomes availalble. 

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Tehuia EON Villa

Orgainic - Zero carbon - NZ Made - Energy Efficient - Off Grid

Book your viewing here info@radiantlifevillages.com

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Tehuia EON Villa

Orgainic - Zero carbon - NZ Made - Energy Efficient - Off Grid

The EON was developed in New Zealand over a number of years as a eco sustainable ultra strong, long lasting, healthy alternative living space. It has a log frame grown in New Zealands sustainable forests. In New Zealand it is an unconventional new age living space. A light & spacious structure which we feel promotes health and longevity. Its pyramid shape structure made with logs makes it almost indestructible to extreme weather and earthquake.

Here in our country of New Zealand its a 'mindshift' architectural design. Its sloping inner/outer walls create interesting spacial areas of light and challenges our ideas of what is and isnt living space.  We are not growing old doing the same things past generations have done. 


Book your viewing here info@radiantlifevillages.com

North Island NZ

Under Developement

Let us know what you prefer and/or book your viewing here


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North Island NZ

Under Developement

 Warmer than the Sth island with more opportunities for sailing and semi tropical beachside life, the North island has greater variations of climate edging from windy cold to the dryer Northlands. Register for updates on time frames and progress.   And tell us what your preferred climate and location is. 

Let us know what you prefer and/or book your viewing here


South Island

Under Developement

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South Island

Under Developement

 I grew up in the South Island of NZ and love the lakes, mountains and rivers of this spectacular land. If this sounds like you. generally colder winters and some very hot dry summers. Register for updates on time frames and progress and tell us what your preferred climate and location is.

Let us know what you prefer and/or book your viewing here



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